5/3/1 Strength Gains – Revisited

5/3/1 Strength Gains – Revisited This post is a follow up to my original 5/3/1 post.  While the original detailed my personal progress with the program, today I’m going to highlight the progress of a group at CrossFit 626 utilizing Wendler’s approach to strength gains.  Building on my personal experience and refining the supplemental movements performed to support each of the main lifts has yielded some fantastic results....

Prevent Torn Hand Calluses

Prevent Torn Hand Calluses Calluses are patches of tough skin that form on our hands in response to repeated friction.  The source of this friction is usually high volume barbell, kettlebell or pull-up work.  Now everyone’s skin differs in response to these sources of friction, but most people that have done substantial work with kettlebells, etc. know what calluses look like and how painful they can be when they tear....

How to Build a Pull Up Bar System – Materials

How to Build a Pull Up Bar System – Materials In the initial post in this series I showed you the three pull up bars I’ve built previously.  Today I’d like to review the materials used to construct these bars.  As I eluded to in the first post, the materials list is surprisingly simple.  The two building blocks needed to construct almost any pull-up rig you can imagine are: aluminum piping hollaender speed-rail...

How to Build a Pull Up Bar System – Overview

How to Build a Pull Up Bar System – Overview I have built 3 pull-up bar rigs to date.  These have ranged from modest to huge super structures meant to accommodate over 40 people.  Each of the bars was built using the same basic, easy to work with materials.  With proper planning, a few basic tools and a free weekend, you too can build your own pull-up system. In the first part of this series I’m going to show you photos of each of the three...

Strength Gains with 5/3/1

Strength Gains with 5/3/1 I’m a hard gainer.  I’ve always been a pretty scrawny guy.  It took 7 years in college of pizza 5 nights a week (Burger King the other two nights) and a couple two liters of soda per day to get me moderately chubby. Since I started CrossFitting, I have come a long way on my lifts, but going heavy remains a challenge.  I have recently took a more detailed look at my diet and discovered some...

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