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5/3/1 Strength Gains – Revisited

5/3/1 Strength Gains – Revisited This post is a follow up to my original 5/3/1 post.  While the original detailed my personal progress with the program, today I’m going to highlight the progress of a group at CrossFit 626 utilizing Wendler’s approach to strength gains.  Building on my personal experience and refining the supplemental movements performed to support each of the main lifts has yielded some fantastic results....

Strength Gains with 5/3/1

Strength Gains with 5/3/1 I’m a hard gainer.  I’ve always been a pretty scrawny guy.  It took 7 years in college of pizza 5 nights a week (Burger King the other two nights) and a couple two liters of soda per day to get me moderately chubby. Since I started CrossFitting, I have come a long way on my lifts, but going heavy remains a challenge.  I have recently took a more detailed look at my diet and discovered some...

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